Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps

Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps—a surprising little shop loaded with treasures. Visit this eclectic emporium featuring intriguing works by local artists as well as exquisite offerings collected from around the world—hundreds of bags, purses, sterling silver jewelry, home decor, and much more. Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps is the Outer Banks only distributor of amazing Del-Sol products that change color in the sun. T-shirts, nail polish, and accessories.

Also at Life on a Sandbar & Hair Wraps you can add a statement to your style with a hair wrap or cornrows from experienced designers. All work guaranteed. Walk-ins are welcome, but it’s best to make an appointment for wraps or braids, especially during the summer. Pick a temporary tattoo that’s FDA approved and made from 100% non-toxic materials. Hundreds of designs!

Sand Art Creations

Make your own personalized design using Outer Banks sand, sea glass, shells, and more! Easy and fun. Take home a piece of the Outer Banks!